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Unveiling the Future of Recycling at PRS Exhibition, Dubai

Dubai is set to witness a groundbreaking showcase of recycling innovation at the PRS Exhibition from September 5-7. A pioneer in sustainable waste management solutions, our company is thrilled to participate and present cutting-edge recycling technologies that are reshaping the industry.

Discover New Recycling Horizons

Booth AA15: Your Gateway to Innovation

Our booth, AA15, will be the hub of innovation, a space where sustainable aspirations meet technological marvels. We invite all attendees to join us and explore the future of recycling.

Bottle-to-Bottle PET  Recycling Solutions

Witness our revolutionary PET recycling technology that transforms plastic bottles into pristine, food-grade PET material ready for reuse in new bottles. A sustainable cycle from bottle to bottle.

WEEE  Recycling Solutions

Electronics waste is a global concern, and our WEEE recycling line addresses this issue by efficiently recycling electronic components. It's a step towards a cleaner, greener future.

Post-Consumer Film /PP bags Recycling Solutions

Plastic films, a common source of pollution, can find a new purpose through our film recycling solutions. Discover how we convert post-consumer films into valuable resources.

Food-Grade HDPE/PP Recycling Solutions

Ensuring food safety is paramount, and our cleaning solutions for HDPE and PP materials meet stringent standards for food-grade applications. Witness the transformation that makes recycling safe for food packaging.

Pellets: Your Sustainable Choice

We are not just about solutions; we're about providing resources for a circular economy. Explore our range of pellets that embody our commitment to sustainability, available for purchase on behalf of our end customers.

Join Us in Redefining Recycling

The PRS Exhibition in Dubai is the perfect platform to connect, collaborate, and explore the latest advancements in recycling technologies. Our team of experts will be available at booth AA15 to engage in insightful discussions, address inquiries, and demonstrate how our solutions can drive positive environmental change.

Be a part of the movement towards a greener, more sustainable world. Visit us at booth AA15 at the PRS Exhibition and let's redefine recycling together!

For more information or to schedule a meeting during the exhibition, please contact us at AA15.

See you at PRS Exhibition!