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With recyclable single material, the new soft bag of lijieshi washing block will be launched in Italy
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Recently, Mondi, in cooperation with Reckitt Benckiser group (RB), a British multinational fast moving consumer goods giant, launched a recyclable single material plastic soft packaging product for its finished dishwasher tablet quantum ultimate.


Mondi is the world's leading plastics and paper integrated packaging company. Its business consists of four departments: corrugated packaging, soft packaging, engineering materials and uncoated paper.


According to the introduction, the non recyclable multi-layer PET / PE laminated bag structure was used before the finish dishwasher tablet quantum ultimate. As RB promised that 100% of its plastic packaging must be reusable or recyclable by 2025, the company decided to upgrade the packaging.


"We work closely with RB to find the best solution to make the product packaging fully recyclable without sacrificing high-end appearance, touch and performance," said Olivier seux, global key account manager, soft packaging customer department, Mondi. "We carefully consulted the whole process and customized the packaging to meet the exact needs of customers.



"Because this is the high-end product line of finish, the final vertical bag must have enough rigidity and smooth appearance, and at the same time, it must have ideal color matching and high-end feel. In addition, the barrier of the package shall not be poor, and a recyclable zipper shall be provided to facilitate the opening and closing of the package. " He added.


Krzysztof krajewski, director of Rb's clean product sustainability packaging division, said: "we thank Mondi for its efforts in this project. This cooperative R & D project was finally successful after dozens of experiments. "


RB said it would launch its new finish packaging in Italy in May, then in Germany and the UK, and eventually globally.


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