Introduction of sink float tank
Sink float tanks use the different specific weights of the various kinds of plastics to separate them. Typical applications are the separation polyolefines, such as PE or PP (both of them swim)from PET.

For PET recycling, There are paddle drums for pressing materials down into water, mixing flakes with water fully.   Then flakes are transported along the surface of the water by means of paddle drums.
An “U” turn design of the washing tank longer the separating length two times.

During transportation, PET flakes sink down to the button, and discharge by screw conveyer.
PE/PP scraps swim on the water surface, and discharged by paddle drum.
Enough separating length for the sink float tank
higher the separating efficient. Equal depth
confirm sinking material and floating materials
will not mixed after separating.

Technical Data

Model  PXM3
Capacity  1500-2000kg/h
Outline Dimension(L*W*H)  6304mm*4090mm*4172mm
Width of tank  1200mm
Length of tank  4500mm
Depth of tank  1800mm
Motor power  14.6kw
Others  Gear motor drive
 Chain transmission
 Protection cover for chains for safety

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