Screw squeezer (Physical type)

Film dewatering

Squeezer is installed at the end of the washing line for film dewatering ,the washed LDPE film is transported in to the squeezer, inside the squeezer,there is a special screw which running continually. LDPE film scraps will be compressed by running screw.

During pressing, there is strong friction between LDPE film scraps and the machine, it makes friction heating,which helpful for drying.

At the outlet of the machine ,there is a hydraulic valve. At the beginning it is closed, and the more LDPE film scraps compressed, the higher pressure the valve bear.and the valve will open for discharging when hydraulic pressure reached the set point. The hydraulic locks are controlled by PLC, open/lock automatically.

By this way ,the material becomes compacted and heated,then water is squeezed out.

After squeezer,the film moisture will be less thank 5-8%

  Cutting squeezer (Melting type)

The function of the cutting squeezer is to extrude the material to the semi plasticizing degree and the drying and granulation procedures, the moisture after extruding is reduced to about 1-3%

The cutting squeezer has the following characteristics:  

1) Simple and convenient maintenance  

2) Small area

3) The cutted material can be directly into the screw for granulation, without compaction