Sink float tank

The principle of sink and float separation tank is to separate and purify the materials according to the specific gravity of the materials.

According to different materials and capacity, the selection of sink and float separation tank is also very different.

For the separation of light materials, such as film, the sink and float separation tank is equippedwith a scattered roll to prevent the accumulation of materials,the film falling into the tank on the first time can be dispersed evenly spread on the water surface for easy separation.  

The film is pressed into the water by a special roll to separate the seams effectively and the seams are collected and discharged by the discharge conveyor at the bottom.  

For the purification of hard plastics, such as PET, it is recommended to choose the return flow tank. The U shaped tank design is to expand the path of material separation to 2 times. In the conveying process, PET bottle flakes is pressed and sunk to the bottom, and the discharged by screw conveyor at the bottom.The PE/PP material floats on the water surface and is discharged by the paddle drum.