Film Friction wsher

Film centrifugal washing

Friction Washer is used to wash highly contaminated film flakes. They are used for discharging treated material mixed with water from a wet grinder. This also can be used in special cases where thefriction washer can be installed in front of or after washing tank.

The friction washer consists of a doublewalled trough with a fast running paddle rotor to dewater and clean plastic materials (film flakes, granules and similar materials).

The plastic materials with water are fed at the inlet of the trough. The material is washed while being transported to the outlet of the trough. Fines and water are thrown through the screen to the outside while the friction of the paddle rotor cleans the materials.

The centrifuged drain is discharged at the bottom of the trough. The trough is equipped with a removable screen with a stainless screen. A rinsing device ensures the automatic cleaning of the screenand of the inner housing.


1)Reinforced and interchangeable rotor in order to guarantee a higher machine quality.

2)Anti-wear steel for blades of rotor

3)Flexibility of the rotor shaft and screen to process the rotor confituration can be changed.

4)Delicated geometry rotor makes it possible to avoid blockings with medium size pieces.

5)Self-cleaning system for the screen .

6)The diameter of the screen holes changes according to the type and degree of the contaminants.