Centrifugal dewatering

The spinner is designed to clean and dewater the plastic flakes, remove contaminants from the flakes by means of centrifugal force.

The spinner consists of a rotor shaft with paddles mounted in housing. A set of screen is mounted around the rotor shaft with paddles. A hingled lid is mounted on the top, the unit is supported on a strong frame.

High-speed ratating paddles strike wet materials, the wet materials hit screen with great kinetic energy, then materials are bounced back by the screen, while water and contaiminants pass screen and fall into basin.

The spinner outlet has two types: up outlet and down outlet, the spinner with up outlet can transport dewatered flakes by itself.


1)Tough stainless steel (SS304) construction

2)Water cutting for stainless steel plates,high manufacturing precision

3)SKF bearing with long service time

4)Labyrinth sealing prevents plastic powder or water enter into bearing

5)Foot shocks for shock absorption

6)Security pins and bolts protect the human bodies and equipment efficiently

7)Wear resistant material paddles with more than 7500T service time

8)Quick fixing screen design saves maintenance time.