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The latest materials can completely replace plastics, and the era of "white pollution" is about to pass
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As we all know, everything has two sides. Since plastic has been widely used in human life, although it has brought many conveniences to people, it has also become the most common garbage in life. The important thing is that "white pollution" is becoming increasingly serious. Scientists have been looking for a new type of environmental protection material to replace plastic. The team of China University of science and technology published a research paper in science advanced magazine, reporting a high-performance structural material called cellulose nanofiber board (CNFP), which is likely to replace plastics in the future.




We know that plastic has the advantages of light and cheap, but it is not easy to degrade, waste plastic can exist for a long time. It is reported that the natural degradation time of plastic is more than 100 years, and plastic bags are often not reused. A huge amount of "white garbage" will be produced every day in the world, which will greatly damage the ecological environment of the earth on which we live. In particular, the white garbage flowing into the ocean not only destroys the homes of marine organisms, but also decomposes into micro plastics under the joint action of waves and sunlight, which enter our blood and immune system through the fish we eat or drink everyday, thus endangering our health.


Although the garbage classification system has been implemented in China, at that time, it did not solve the problem of white pollution from the source. Scientists have been looking for a kind of mutually exclusive material, and they found that the structural material CNFP based on nano components has great potential.




First of all, there are a large number of cellulose nanofibers in plant cellulose, which is called CNF for short. CNF is one of the most abundant green resources on the earth. It can be not only extracted from plants, but also produced by bacteria. What's more, scientists found that it has the excellent properties of low density, high strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high rigidity and easy deformation, and is an ideal nano component for building macro high-performance materials.


Compared with plastic or other polymer materials, CNFP has better resistance to extreme temperature and thermal shock. After 10 times of rapid thermal shock between 120 ° C heating and - 196 °C liquid nitrogen, CNFP can still maintain its strength. In addition, it has the advantage of low cost. With a wide range of raw materials, the extraction and synthesis technology is not complicated and can reach a cost of 0.50 US dollars per kilogram. In addition to excellent performance, the material is a new biodegradable material, which can fundamentally solve the problem of pollution caused by plastics. If it can be widely used, it will be the preferred material to replace plastic.



"White pollution" has become an ecological environment problem that human beings work together to solve. We live in the same global village. Maybe our skin and eyes are different in color, and there are huge differences in language and culture. But it is the responsibility of all human beings to protect the global environment. I hope this material can replace plastic as imagined, and let "white pollution" say goodbye thoroughly.


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