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Under the epidemic situation, the investment heat of recycled plastics remains unchanged
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Since this year, with the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, many plastic recycling plants around the world have been forced to close, the supply of recycled plastics has been reduced, the price of crude oil has plummeted, and the price of recycled plastics has exceeded that of new plastics. However, in the plastic industry value chain, there are still many enterprises unswervingly promoting the investment and application projects of recycled plastics.



BASF and security matters recently signed a binding agreement to jointly develop plastic traceability and recycling solutions.


In this cooperation, security matters will use its patented technology to realize online and offline tracking of closed-loop recycling, verify sustainability claims and optimize the classification of plastic waste. At the same time, the cooperation will also use and bring into play BASF's extensive experience and expertise in plastic additives, regulatory regulations and other fields, as well as its deep understanding of the plastic value chain. As part of the agreement, the two companies will also integrate their strengths and advantages in R & D and resources to achieve win-win cooperation.



Security matters' tracking and tracing solution will mark physical items with unique and tamper proof chemical barcodes and connect them with digital twin. Barcodes will not be damaged even in the process of production and recycling, and will not change the appearance or performance of items. In addition, through the use of proprietary technology, barcodes can also collect various information embedded in the plastic, helping to achieve closed-loop plastic.



Ineos and plastic energy recently announced that they will work together to build a new plant to convert waste plastics into raw materials for making new plastics, which is expected to be put into production in 2023.


It is understood that the new plant will use advanced recycling technology to convert waste plastics into basic molecules, and then use the materials obtained in the cracking furnace of Ineos to replace traditional petroleum raw materials to produce plastics.



At present, Ineos has completed the first product test using the recycling process of plastic energy company. The new raw materials have been successfully converted into the original polymers through the cracking furnace of Ineos in Cologne, Germany.


The patented technology of plastic energy company is called thermal anaerobic conversion (TAC). The technology transforms the previously unrecyclable plastic waste into TAC oil. This new recycled material can be used by the Ineos plant to produce new plastic materials for medical products, food packaging, light vehicle parts and safety water pipelines.



Resin giant indorama ventures revealed in its latest 2019 financial report that it plans to more than triple its global RPT capacity in the next few years.


"In 2020, recycling will be the main beneficiary of capital," the company said. Each acquisition or (capital expenditure) in the recovery process will be in the range of $30-40 million. "


Indorama ventures, based in Thailand, believes that many brands have clear goals to increase the content of RPET in beverage packaging. Pet collection and recycling services are relatively mature. Pet will continue to be the main application material in beverage packaging industry.


In the next few years, the growing demand for RPET will be transformed into indorama's major investment projects. Globally, indorama plans to invest $1.5 billion by 2025 to expand its recycling footprint. The company has promised to increase its PET recycling capacity to 750000 metric tons by 2025. As of the end of 2019, the annual PET recycling capacity of indorama is about 207000 metric tons, according to the report.


Indorama has recently signed a long-term agreement with Procter & Gamble to provide P & G with rPET for packaging of PANTENE, Head and Shoulders and herbal essence products.



Circulating capital recently invested $6 million in two plastic recycling companies in India and Indonesia.


The investment comes from the company's circulating capital ocean Fund (CCOF), which aims to solve the marine plastic crisis in South and Southeast Asia.


The $106 million CCOF investment fund is backed by companies led by PepsiCo, including Procter & Gamble, Dow, Danone, Unilever, Coca Cola, Chevron Phillips and Chanel. These companies are committed to providing expertise in capital, technology and procurement to help improve the recycling of plastics.


This time, the two companies invested by CCOF are lucro plastics private enterprise in India and Pt Tridi Oasis Group in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Among them, lucro is a manufacturer specializing in recycling hard to handle soft plastic, which is recycled and pelletized for production of its own products and sold to other facilities across India. Pt Tridi Oasis Group is a female led company that specializes in recycling PET bottles into RPET flake for packaging and textiles.


Circulating capital said in a statement that these investments of CCOF will help to establish a value chain of recycled plastics to prevent plastic pollution and support local communities.


Circulating capital said it would provide the two companies with help in post outbreak business, such as short-term credit lines. At present, USAID has provided 50% loan guarantee for Pt Tridi oasis company, further reducing the investment cost of the enterprise and reflecting the effectiveness of mixed financing.


Lucro placecycle and Pt Tridi oasis will also be supported by a network of liquidity partners to help them scale up and connect with supply chains of global manufacturers.


"By investing in a highly fragmented recycling industry, India and Indonesia will have the opportunity to reduce plastic pollution and reduce the amount of plastic waste entering the ocean." Rob Kaplan, chief executive of working capital.


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