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It is said to be the first one in the soft packing industry! This recycled PET tear tape is easy to use, safe and tamper proof
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Essentra tapes, the world's leading adhesive tape company, claims to have launched the industry's first tear pull adhesive tape for soft bags, which combines the advantages of RPET's sustainability, easy tear and brand image enhancement.


Renewable, easy to tear, tamper proof


The new product supastrip PCR is made of recycled PET, and the 23 micron single-layer film contains 70% post consumer resin (PCR).


Essentra said that the new tear tape can be well applied to the flexible packaging line, and it is simple and convenient, which can achieve fast, safe and instant use. In addition, the printability of the tape allows brands to add brand information and logos.


"Research shows that packaging solutions that use recycled plastic ingredients have a positive impact on consumers," said Ian Beresford, head of marketing and development at essentra. The addition of supastrip PCR to the company's product line represents another step forward in our sustainable development and strengthens our commitment to provide customers with environmentally friendly packaging solutions while ensuring product performance. "



According to essentra, supastrip PCR is very suitable for PET packaging film, and the use of a single material type provides a simple recycling path for consumers.


The company also noted that the pull-out tape avoids the use of knives or other sharp tools, thus minimizing the risk of product damage and possible personal injury. At the same time, the tamper proof design of tear tape can clearly show whether the product has been opened.


Beresford concluded: "the supastrip PCR meets all the performance advantages expected by users, but its footprint is more environmentally friendly. It embodies the sustainable development we have achieved, and provides functional and environmental advantages for brands and consumers."

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