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Coca Cola, Danone, Unilever And Nestle Set Up New Packaging Recycling Organizations To Boost The Waste Plastic Recycling Market In Indonesia
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Several of the world's top food and beverage brands have recently set up a new packaging recovery organization (pro) in Indonesia to expand recycling and reduce waste plastic packaging in Indonesia. These brands include Pt Coca Cola Indonesia, Danone, Pt Nestle Indonesia, Tetra Pak Indonesia, Unilever Indonesia and Pt indofood sukses MAKMUR. These enterprises are members of the Indonesian Society for sustainable environmental packaging and recycling (praise).


Primary target: PET plastic recovery rate of 60%


"Praise is very proud of pro, so that we can work more collaboratively on waste management and work together to find solutions for disposable plastics." "With Pro, we will push stakeholders to take greater responsibility," triyono prijosoeselo, head of the praise Steering Committee and spokesman for Coca Cola Indonesia, said at a virtual conference in Jakarta on Tuesday



Indonesia is facing more and more serious marine waste plastic pollution.


The new pro organization will have at least three plans:


Establish a pet recycling system.

Improve the collection rate of flexible packaging and HDPE packaging waste;

Universal public education.


According to triyono, pro aims to achieve a 60% recovery rate for pet plastics first, and then recycle other types of packaging next year, while expanding its membership.




The new pro organization will establish a PET recycling system.


The organization's goals coincide with the recommendations of the world economic forum in Indonesia's latest National Plastics action report, which proposes a system change initiative (SCS) to reduce marine waste in the archipelago by 70% by 2025. This includes doubling current recycling capacity and waste plastic collection.


Karyanto wibowo, director of sustainable development of Danone water, said that the industry could fulfill its environmental responsibilities through pro. "How does the industry participate in waste reduction? Pro is a way to help enterprises to collect and manage waste


Karyanto said Pro will bring together companies from the packaging, manufacturing and retail sectors, which cover the flow of plastic products from factories to consumers. The organization will also work with local governments to improve the recovery of plastics.


Pilot projects in East Java and Bali this year


According to the world economic forum, about 70% of Indonesia's plastic waste (estimated at 4.8 million tons per year) is not properly disposed of. Novrizal tahar, director of waste management at the Ministry of environment and forestry, said Pro should enhance synergies and scale up the circular economy ecosystem, calling on more companies to start developing their waste reduction plans.


In Jakarta alone, 8000 tons of daily waste is transported out every day, according to luhut panjaitan, Indonesia's minister of marine affairs. Pro plans to implement its pilot projects in East Java and Bali in 2020, and luhute called on regional governments to support such initiatives. "The government should promote waste recycling infrastructure and incorporate it into waste repositories, which have more than 7000 in Indonesia," he said


Currently, Pro is working with the East Java government.


Indonesia seeks $5.1 trillion to invest in marine waste plastics


Plastics play a key role in Indonesia's economic development. The country produces about 6.8 million tons of plastic waste every year, which is increasing by 5% every year. Although the government, industry and civil society have made waste reduction commitments, according to the NPA report, the total amount of plastic waste flowing into the Indonesian ocean will increase by 30% from 620000 tons per year to an estimated 780000 tons from 2017 to 2025.




The Indonesian government is seeking $5.1 trillion in investment to fund the country's plan to basically clean up plastic waste entering the sea by 2040.

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