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It can be heated to 270°C, can be refrigerated at -40°C, is biodegradable, and is a little sweet. What kind of fairy lunch box is this?
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Israeli food technology start-up company W-Cycle has developed a multifunctional disposable lunch box called SupraPulp, which is made of 100% renewable sugar cane residue, can be completely composted, and is safe, durable, and suitable for greasy food and fluids. Food or hot food.


According to reports, the SupraPulp lunch box can be used to store food in the snow, or it can be heated in a traditional oven, convection oven, steam oven or microwave.


Can withstand -40°C low temperature, 270°C high temperature


After years of research and development efforts, W-Cycle's new SupraPulp material can withstand low temperatures of -40°C and high temperatures up to 270°C. After packaging, it can be treated as organic waste.



Lior Itai, CEO and co-founder of W-Cycle, said that the way to dispose of the SupraPulp packaging is as simple as disposing of the leftover salad.


He said that there are other compostable solutions on the market, but SupraPulp is versatile and can meet the different needs of consumers. When they want to freeze, boil or microwave convenient food, SupraPulp is suitable. In addition, the appearance and texture of SupraPulp packaging are also very fashionable.


Suitable for instant food, fresh meat and poultry packaging


Usually, the ready-to-eat food packaging is made of CPET plastic trays. Like CPET, SupraPulp is also suitable for ready-to-eat foods because it can be used for ice storage and various heating.


In addition, fresh meat, chickens, ducks, and seafood are usually packaged in PE, PET and Styrofoam due to the juice flowing out. Now, these foods can also be packaged in SupraPulp.



Joseph Siani, CTO and founder of W-Cycle, emphasized that COVID-19 has made consumers pay more attention to the impact of humans on the earth and the future environment. He said that the market has a huge demand for environmentally friendly packaging products. Providing compostable solutions for ready-to-eat food and meat products can help food manufacturers and consumers reduce the use of disposable plastics, thereby creating a cleaner environment.

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