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Pepsi-Cola's new goal: to build a "no plastic into waste" world
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In recent years, more and more secondary recovery and recycling products have entered the public eye. How to "turn waste into treasure" has become a new fashion under the trend of sustainable consumption. Among them, the degradable recycling of plastics is a proposition that all walks of life urgently need to overcome. As a representative of the global beverage brand, PepsiCo is constantly exploring and experimenting with more possibilities for plastics, and is actively working with consumers and the industry to jointly promote a "no plastic waste" future.


In the 2020 "Pepsi Grow Store", Pepsi and BOTTLOOP, an environmentally friendly national trend brand, will use discarded beverage bottles as materials to create eco-friendly bag fashion items. From the perspective of "trend", consumers will understand To the deep value of plastic, make plastic "super material".



How did plastic bottles become environmentally friendly items? In fact, the essential component of most plastic bottles is polyester fiber (PET), or "polyester", which is also a common clothing fabric component in our daily lives. The cooperation between the two parties will recycle waste plastic bottles through 12 professional processes including screening and sorting, deep cleaning, polyester chips, and environmentally friendly fibers through a closed-loop industrial chain that can be traced through the entire process. The fashionable surroundings satisfy the dual pursuit of trend and environmental protection by the new generation.


The belief in sustainable development is rooted in the basic beliefs of the Pepsi Group. In 2016, PepsiCo put forward the "2025 Sustainability Agenda". The goal of 100% recyclable product packaging is Pepsis contribution to protecting the earth and achieving the "world without plastic One of the important commitments made by "rejectable".



In October last year, PepsiCo publicly stated that it is expected that in the near future, all packaging will be recyclable, compostable or degradable, and further disclosed that the next step will be to recycle plastic bottles into new product production and reduce it by 35%. Usage of virgin PET". As a beverage and food giant that is highly dependent on plastics, plastics account for about 50% of Pepsis packaging materials. The full realization of 100% recycling in the global business is undoubtedly a huge environmental protection project. How to ensure the global supply of recycled materials and High quality will be a huge challenge for PepsiCo. The follow-up progress remains to be seen.



In recent years, many countries have banned plastics, but PepsiCo has taken a different approach, trying to find a solution in the material itself through the recycling of plastics. This is undoubtedly another voice in the wave of environmental protection.


It is not difficult to find that plastic products have become an indispensable product material in a highly industrialized society. Because of their low price and wide range of uses, it is difficult to achieve a comprehensive ban on plastics in the short term. aims. Rather than giving up plastics completely, choosing recycled plastics is a way that all parties in society can bear and show their attitude. For example, Adidas has cooperated with PARLEY OCEAN, the world's official marine environmental protection organization, to launch a variety of running shoes made of recycled materials from marine plastic waste.


Thanks to more and more big names like Pepsi and Adidas devoting themselves to the exploration of recycling and recycling, recycled materials have been promoted to the global perspective. In the future, more products with recycling concepts will enter daily life, and modern sustainable lifestyles will Become the mainstream. I believe that the convergence of tiny forces will change the world.

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