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Britain's first waste plastic hydrogen production facility is about to start construction
Time: 2020-9-25 16:48:28 Source:绿凯思科GETRECYCLING Author:GET营销中心 Hits:11

The front-end engineering design (FEED) phase of the UK's first waste plastic hydrogen production facility has been completed.


The facility is planned to be used in Protos (Peel L&P Environmental's strategic energy and resource center in Cheshire) to generate hydrogen from waste plastic, which can be used as fuel for cars, buses and heavy trucks.


The study was completed during the lockdown and evaluated all the design and engineering aspects of the proposed facility. It also assessed the total cost of the project (estimated at 20 million pounds), which will help Peel L&P Environmental finalize project financing.


The "Britain First" facility will use distributed modular power generation (DMG) technology developed by Powerhouse Energy Group. The two companies hope that the plan will provide a blueprint for future projects to be promoted nationwide.


Peel L&P Environmental will develop 11 facilities across the UK in the next few years. The company also has the exclusive right to use British Powerhouse Energy technology. The total number of facilities will exceed 70.


The plastic hydrogen production facility is the first part of the "plastic park" planned by Protos and the first step to provide a solution for the 4.9 million tons of plastic waste generated in the UK each year.


Richard Barker, Director of Peel L&P Environmental, said: "This FEED phase is an important step forward. As hydrogen is increasingly seen as an important part of our goal of zero emissions, now is the time."


David Ryan, CEO of Powerhouse Energy, added: Defining applications on Protos provides further commercial and technical verification of our DMG technology. We believe that the delivery of this first commercial facility will provide a community-based hydrogen resource. To further promote the UKs hydrogen economy."


Peel L&P Environmental is working with supply chain partners to support the project, which is expected to start construction later this year.

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