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Recycled plastic: fresh meat, sausage, tray, cat food and dog food packaging
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Although the Xinguan epidemic has a certain impact on the recycling of recycled plastics in the world, it has not hindered the determination and pace of packaging manufacturers to adopt recycled plastics for packaging innovation. Recently, many enterprises have launched the application of recycled plastics in food packaging. These packaging not only reduces the use of new plastic materials, but also has the same function and appearance.


01  Weight loss 60%, thickness is only 21 microns


Seal air recently launched a new food grade plastic film. The film contains about 30% certified circular resins (CCR). In addition to containing recycled plastics, syvier said the Cryovac brand RBDF S10 film helps food companies improve product sustainability through its ultra thin barrier layer.



According to reports, the thickness of rBDF S10 film is 21 microns, which is one-third lighter than common heat-sealing packaging films and only one-third the thickness of other thermoformed films.


Sealed Air’s related person in charge, Arnaud Brunet, said: “rBDF S10 film innovatively uses CCR to make shrink packaging thinner, high weather resistance and anti-fog performance. This packaging helps reduce carbon footprint and is more environmentally friendly.”


This new film has relatively high finish and good transparency, which helps consumers quickly understand food, drive sales and reduce waste. At the same time, the film further reduces waste by protecting the integrity of the food and extending the shelf life, leak-proof sealing, sealing and protective barrier.


CRYOVAC brand rBD S10 film can be used to package foods with or without trays. It is suitable for packaging fresh red meat, poultry, fish, smoked processed meat, cheese, convenience foods and ready-to-eat foods.


02 Casing packaging: recycled PE and PA on the outer layer


Viscofan is a world-leading manufacturer of meat casings. Recently, it has cooperated with Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and DSM (DSM) to jointly develop a multilayer barrier film that can be used for meat casing packaging. The film is made of recycled polyethylene material under the SABIC certified TRUCIRCLE™ brand and recycled polyamide material from DSM. It provides a more sustainable packaging solution for fresh food without compromising functionality and beauty. Alleviate the depletion of petrochemical resources and reduce food waste.



According to reports, the outer layer of this multilayer high-barrier film contains certified recycled SABIC PE and DSM PA polymers. These polymers are certified under the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS) program, which uses a mass balance approach.


The certified recycled PE materials and benzene in the TRUCIRCLE product portfolio of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation are based on waste plastics and post-consumer plastics, using advanced recycling technology to convert these waste plastics into new raw materials, and then enter the production chain , Deliver new raw materials.


03 Recycled materials made into food trays: recyclable


Waddington Europe, a European supplier of thermoforming packaging solutions, has launched thermoformed Eco Blend Pura and Eco Blend100 packaging series made of recycled materials.



Among them, the PurerPET pallet series is entirely made of post-consumer recycled waste (PCW). Thermoformed trays, sorting trays, small fruit baskets and pots are also fully recyclable, suitable for packaging a variety of foods, including meat and fish, baked goods, cooked food, soft fruits and salads.


Eco Blend 100 series packaging is made of 100% recycled ingredients mixed with post-consumer (PCW) and post-industrial waste (PIW), providing consumers with the same shelf display, food safety and environmental protection as the Eco Blend Pura series products Benefit, but the price is slightly lower.


Unlike cardboard packaging that may contain plastic laminate linings or cardboard vacuum packaging for meat and fish, which is difficult to recycle, Eco Blend Pura and Eco Blend 100 packaging can be fully recycled.


"In the past 24 months alone, we have successfully processed more than 39,000 tons of recycled plastics, which means that we avoid the use of 39,000 tons of raw materials in the production line, making it recyclable, more efficient, more affordable and sustainable. The product opens up more possibilities.” said Eduardo Gomes, managing director of Waddington Europe.


04 Pet food packaging also loves recycled materials


Confectionery giant Mars said it will use recycled polypropylene in the packaging of some of its popular pet food brands. It has been tested in some European regions and will be expanded in 2021.



The packaging was jointly launched by Mars, packaging supplier Huhtamaki and chemical company Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). It uses chemical recycling methods to convert mixed waste plastics that are difficult to recycle through traditional recycling methods into plastics suitable for new food-grade recycling packaging, and then make packaging bags.


Mars said, “Through cooperation with Huhtamaki and SABIC, we will gradually expand the content of recyclable plastic in packaging, and finally realize recycling packaging. The use of advanced recycling technology will achieve a 30% utilization rate of recycled plastics and a 25% reduction An important part of the use of new plastic materials."

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