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Opportunity! Can covid-19 delay the EU ban on disposable plastics?
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EU produces 25 million tons of plastic waste every year, but only 1 / 10 of it is recycled. A large number of animals eat by mistake or are wrapped by plastic products and die. In order to solve the problem of plastics, the European Union voted to pass a ban on the use of plastic products such as disposable tableware and straw, which is planned to start in 2021. It is forbidden to use 10 kinds of plastic products, including disposable tableware, food bag, straw, beverage cup, and even some plastic cotton swabs.


Because of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the industry association requested the European Commission to postpone the prohibition of the use of disposable plastics act, but EU member states still hope to import the directive into national laws before the deadline.


According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, the European Union Plastics Industry Association (EuPC) requested the EU to postpone the implementation of the SUP act in April 8, 2020. The European Union's dynamics (Euractiv) reported in April 15, 2020 that the European Commission (EC) did not have such a plan.


"The position of the European Commission remains the deadline for compliance with EU law," said Vivian loonela, spokesman for the European Commission for environmental affairs She confirmed that "Member States still have one year to incorporate the sup directive into their national laws."


Novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) shows us that not all substances are the same. Disposable plastics are not easy to replace, especially in maintaining the same hygienic properties to protect consumers. " However, civil society organizations say this is a wrong argument. "It's worth noting that the disposable plastic directive doesn't even apply to disposable plastic products used in the health sector, such as disposable gloves, protective clothing and masks," said Justine Maillot from "zero waste" Europe It applies to certain food packaging projects, which Justine Maillot says is still unnecessary. "Those disposable plastics can easily be completely avoided or replaced by reusable alternatives, such as reusable and refillable beverage and food containers. These disposable plastic products, including disposable packaging, not only have a huge impact on our environment, but also have adverse effects on human health. They don't belong to the non-toxic circular economy at all. "


In recent weeks, the worldwide spread of covid-19 has led to various discussions about disposable plastics and the need to remove or delay restrictions on plastics to protect human health. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has also received similar industry requests. Recently, the role of reusable containers in the country has been discussed, emphasizing the opportunity for the strengthening of existing systems by the popularity of the new crown pneumonia.


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