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International News | Brussels introduces new ban on plastics, biodegradable plastics are not spared
Time: 2020-3-21 15:04:35 Source:绿凯思科GETRECYCLING Author:GET营销中心 Hits:34

According to the Brussels times, in Belgium's Brussels capital region, from March 1, 2020, shops will ban the use of disposable plastic bags (plastic bags less than 50 microns in thickness, one millionth of a meter in microns). Even if the bags come from biological materials, they can be composted at home, according to the Brussels environment. It is reported that the ban applies to all stores in Brussels, and market vendors and street vendors are also under supervision. Inspectors from the Brussels Ministry of environment will carry out inspections.


As early as 2017, Brussels introduced a ban on plastic bags - first free or paid for at the cash register; then banned shops from using plastic bags as packaging.


For a long time, it is not prohibited for consumers to use plastic bags to pack vegetables and fruits in bulk. With the arrival of the new order, this kind of plastic bags also came to an end. Brussels aims to reduce white pollution and make cities cleaner by banning plastic bags. The authorities call on residents to prepare their own packaging when shopping. The materials can be cloth, cardboard, stainless steel or glass, etc. At the same time, it is pointed out that some goods do not need to be packed, just put them into handbags or backpacks. To replace the plastic bag shopping equipment, the local residents of Brussels put forward some questions and ideas about the new plastic bag ban. The following is the question and answer of the Brussels Ministry of environment in response to the local residents: Q1: what is the benefit of the plastic bag ban to the environment and Brussels residents?


According to research, plastic bag bans can significantly reduce the exploitation of natural resources and the generation of plastic waste, and encourage people to respect the environment more. In order for the ban to work, we need to change our previous habits and behaviors (use new plastic bags every time we shop) and turn to environmental bags (reusable bags).


Q1: what are the benefits of plastic bag ban for traders?


In addition to showing a more positive stance on environmental issues, from an economic point of view, the cost of producing and transporting plastic bags will disappear, and the space for storing plastic bags will be vacated. Compared with plastic bags, environmental bags are more durable.


Q2: are disposable bio based plastic bags and household compostable plastic bags also within the scope of the ban?


Some of them may not be petrochemical products, but they are still plastic bags, and the core component is still a polymer. As a result, they are also banned.


Q3: what kind of bags should be provided to consumers?


All reusable bags are OK. Only in this way can we reduce the impact of human lifestyle on the environment.


Q4: can you provide disposable paper bags to customers?


This prohibition applies to disposable plastic bags, so the relevant regulations are not binding on disposable paper bags. However, our goal is to avoid single use as much as possible to reduce the impact of our lifestyle on the environment.


Q5: are reusable bags more environmentally friendly?


If they are reused, yes. It makes no sense if they are used only once. Therefore, the attitude and behavior of consumers must be changed so as not to use reusable bags like the disposable plastic bags used in the past.

I would like to commend Brussels' new plastic ban. Whether it is traditional plastic or biodegradable plastic, as a disposable plastic, it will cause many uncontrollable environmental and health problems. Use less disposable products, and switch to reusable supplies is the best way.


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