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Compared with China, the European Union may solve the problem of plastic pollution earlier
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On May 12, 2020, Mr. Chang Xinjie, vice president of the circular economy business of torang group and chairman of the environmental working group of the European Chamber of Commerce, visited the live broadcast room of the Institute of sustainable development of plastics, sharing the experience comparison between China and Europe in the treatment of plastic pollution.


The European Union and China share a common attitude towards the control of plastic pollution, but in terms of specific measures, laws and regulations and implementation have their own characteristics.



As one of the important successes of the 20th China Europe summit


In July 2018, China and the EU officially signed


"Memorandum of understanding on circular economic cooperation"


In the past year, several high-level dialogues have been held


On plastic pollution in China and Europe


Especially disposable plastic


Relevant laws and regulations are compared and interpreted



The European Union has a clear recovery rate


With data, objectives and requirements



Whether it's the one-off plastic directive of the European Union


China Development and Reform Commission's opinion on plastic pollution control


After the launch


All of them are simply called "plastic prohibition" or "plastic restriction" by some media


It creates a lot of one-sided understanding



The same part of China EU policy



Differences between China and Europe



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