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Seven enterprises including APRA, Coca Cola and Nestle set up new packaging platform
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Recently, the plastic packaging industry has another big event!


Seven industrial giants set up "Verpackung MIT Zukunft" in Austria.



The seven companies are Greiner, ALPLA, Nestl é, Coca Cola Austria, intersteroh, Engel and erema. Their annual sales add up to more than 9 billion euros and employ more than 40000 people.


Optimize packaging recyclability


"Future oriented packaging platform" will be committed to optimizing recyclability, continuously improving the sustainability of packaging industry and promoting circular economy.


These seven member enterprises have realized the four foundations of circular economy operation in many fields: reduction, substitution, reuse and circulation. This time, a "future oriented packaging platform" was established, hoping to promote sustainable packaging innovation through joint efforts.


For example, Greiner, headquartered in kremmünüster, Austria, is a leading plastic packaging and foaming company in the world. The company has joined "recycling plastics alliance", "styrene recycling solutions" and other organizations, and is committed to the sustainable R & D innovation of plastic packaging and foaming.


Greiner's package for Henkel's Persil detergent contains 50% recycled PP.


"We want to position Austria as a model country for Packaging Sustainability and to be a voice for these efforts." G ü nther Lehner, chief executive of APRA, said.


APRA recently expanded the RPET capacity of its Polish plant from 15000 tons per year to 30000 tons.


"In the current new outbreak, packaging has become more and more important in transportation protection, food quality and food hygiene. The advantages of packaging should also be paid attention to after the epidemic. Sustainability remains the focus of all projects. " Angela teml, head of Nestle Austria, said.


Develop cross regional standards for sustainable packaging


Members of the platform will try to establish a new cross regional sustainable packaging standard, so that people have different understanding of plastics.


"We want to take responsibility and are looking to communicate with all stakeholders. We are committed to an effective circular economy, and the creation of the platform has made us take an important step towards this goal. " Said Manfred Hackl, CEO of the erema group.


Stefan englede, chief executive of Engel, pointed out that plastic as a material is not the problem of polluting the environment. The key is how to handle and use plastic well. At present, "design for recycling" and new digital technology are the focus of Engel's research and development, he said.


"We are considering the introduction of a unified collection system - especially for yellow bags, to improve the infrastructure in the field of separation, collection, classification and recycling, or to promote 100% reusable packaging solutions that are still valuable or recyclable after recycling." Said Franz sausing, chairman of interseroh.


Interspero plastic recycling technology center has recently been officially certified internationally. This means that it is the only EU recognized research institution specializing in the development and analysis of recycled plastics. It has set up standards throughout Europe and implemented unified quality standards.


For example, Philipp bodzenta, an Austrian spokesman for Coca Cola, said R ö merquelle, the mineral water brand Coca Cola sells in Austria, has been made of 100% renewable PET.


The plastic bottle of Römerquelle mineral water is made of 100% RPET.


"Future oriented packaging platform" hopes to be positioned as a dialogue partner of government, science, non-governmental organizations and consumers to further promote people's discussion on "packaging".


The plastic bottle of R ö merquelle mineral water is made of 100% RPET.


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