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Great! One million test tubes of new coronavirus in cola bottles per week!
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Coca Cola consolidated recently announced that southestern container, a PET bottle manufacturing partner funded and managed by Coca Cola bottlers, has started to produce covid-19 reagent box plastic test tubes. At present, the company has used several injection molding tools to produce more than 7 million test tubes for new crown virus detection.



The cause of the project is the cooperation between the U.S. Department of health and human services and the ORNL (Oak Ridge National Lab) National Laboratory to find the right manufacturer to solve the supply chain gap problem of covid-19 test tube and meet the growing testing demand of each state.


The test tube is manufactured by heating blow molding method.


Lonnie, chief scientist, advanced manufacturing project, covid-19, ORNL Lab "When the U.S. Department of health and human services asked ORNL for assistance in finding covid-19 test tube solutions, we considered several solutions to help the industry expand production. Finally, through discussions with Coca Cola, we determined to use blow molding bottle blanks, which make coca cola bottles look exactly like the test tubes required by covid-19 Kit," love said


The plastic bottle is a leak proof, tamper proof and high temperature resistant test tube


At the request of ORNL, Coca Cola bottling company provided bottle blank samples, and ORNL laboratory cooperated with coved-19 testing company Longhorn vaccine diagnostics to confirm whether the test tube meets the test kit standard. ORNL also conducted additional tests on the test tube to confirm that the preform has leak proof function and can prevent bacterial growth by heating, high temperature or cleaning with ethanol solution.


Coca Cola plastic bottle test tube can withstand high temperature sterilization and prevent bacterial growth.


Dr. Luke T. Daum, chief scientific officer, vaccine, Longhorn vaccine diagnostics, said: "the new coronavirus test tube is facing a global supply shortage." Coca Cola bottlers have done what other bottlers can't do - In just a few days, they have made solid, leak proof vials out of plastic bottles. These vials are large enough to hold any swab. Importantly, they can produce millions of tubes a week. "


The researchers from the energy manufacturing demonstration Facility Department of ORNL laboratory cooperated with Coca Cola bottling company to determine whether the preform of the water bottle, the small plastic tube for hot blow molding used for carbonated drinks, can be used as a test tube.


In the covid-19 kit, include swabs, salt solution and plastic tube for loading swabs during transportation. It has been proved that the 20 ounce soda bottle blank is the ideal choice for covid-19 long swabs. The preformed soda bottle also includes a tamper proof top cover that can tamper proof and securely seal the plastic pipe to prevent leakage and exposure during transportation.


The plastic test tube is also provided with an anti prying cover, which can be tamper proof.


Once the test tube is produced, it usually needs to be sterilized before it can be used in the test suite. At present, Sandia National Laboratories and a team of radiation science experts are using its gamma irradiation facilities to develop a bottle body sterilization program without damaging materials.


Randy Schunk, chief engineer of covid-19 advanced manufacturing project of Sandia National Laboratories, said: "this cooperation will be the key to fill the gap in covid-19 test supply chain. "Gamma radiation is an effective and universal method for disinfection of a large number of medical supplies. We are carrying out research to find the appropriate level of gamma radiation to disinfect the test tube and ensure that the test parts, plastics and the sealing of the test tube will not be damaged. "


Sandia National Laboratories will share agreements with medical sterilization facilities across the country that receive test tubes from the southeast container for sterilization. It is reported that at present, five companies conducting covid-19 test in the United States begin to use the bottle blank.


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