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Using SABIC and berry international recycling technology Yizi international to replace cream cheese with recycled plastic packaging
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Mondelēz international, a global snack brand with brands including Oreo and hyunmai, recently announced a partnership with long-term supplier berry global Inc. to replace its series of caffeili cream cheese with recycled plastic packaging.


From 2022, Yizi international will replace all the British and European caffeili cream cheese brands with recycled plastic packaging solutions, which is an important step for Yizi international to reduce its environmental footprint. Philadelphia is Yizi's first major cream cheese brand using recycled plastic packaging.


Recycled plastic made by berry international and SABIC recycling technology


The new packaging contains recycled plastics from the advanced recycling technology cooperated by berry international and SABIC. Berry international is cooperating with SABIC, the world's leading chemical enterprise, to promote the technological innovation and application of polyolefin resin manufacturing with recycled chemicals.


Vince Gruber, President of Yizi International Europe, said: "it is very important to find and implement feasible innovative solutions to prevent plastics from entering the environment. The use of recycled packaging materials in the Philadelphia series is an important step in reducing waste plastics and supporting closed-loop systems. "


"Our goal is to enable consumers to enjoy snacks properly, a large part of which is to ensure that our snacks use less energy, water and waste - including more sustainable packaging materials." Chris McGrath, vice president, sustainable development and health, said.


Yizi international put recycled plastic packaging on its series of caffeili cream cheese.


"Advanced recycling technologies can help us find sustainable sources of materials that were previously difficult to recycle and help us achieve a zero waste journey," said Chris McGrath "We are aware that the problem of plastic waste cannot be completely solved by designing recyclable packaging alone, which is why we advocate public-private partnerships to improve the recovery and reuse rate of global waste plastics."


Jean Marc Galvez, President of berry international consumer packaging, said: "we are pleased to cooperate with Yizi international to provide recycled plastic packaging with advanced recycling technology. By recycling and transferring waste that would have been landfilled or incinerated, we are striving to achieve the common goal of circular economy. "


The plan is part of the long-term environmental goals of Yizi international, including the adoption of sustainable raw materials; reduction of the company's environmental footprint; and respect for the rights of all people in the value chain.


Yizi International's goal is to ensure that its packaging is 100% recyclable and labeled with recycling information by 2025. At present, it has successfully achieved the goal that 93% of the packaging is recycled packaging.


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