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Double the trend and see how Eka global plans the storage resistant packaging market
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Recently, McKinsey pointed out that according to the analysis of the trend of food retail industry in Asia Pacific region under the new crown epidemic, according to the survey of 5000 consumers from Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Thailand, the residents in most regions reduced their consumption of dining out by 30% - 70%, and their purchase of instant food increased rapidly, even to instant food The preference of food is more than that of take out food.


According to the analysis of market watch consulting company, the global ready to eat food market size can reach 90.24 billion US dollars in 2020, and will keep growing at a compound annual average growth rate of 4.1%, and is expected to reach 119.79 billion US dollars by the end of 2026.




Ready to eat food packaging growth 100% shelf life is expected to reach 2 years


The increase of ready to eat food sales drives the demand of its packaging - storage resistant packaging to rise. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of storage resistant packaging, Eka global group (hereinafter referred to as "Eka") headquartered in Thailand is one of the beneficiaries. The company said that in the first quarter of 2020, its total sales rose 100% year-on-year against the trend.


"The growth is mainly from Thailand, India, the United States, Australia, and there is a large increase in ready to eat food packaging and pet ready to eat food packaging." Chaiwat nantiruj, President of Eka global group, is accepting the "elegant rubber and plastic network"AdsaleCPRJ.com )”Said in the interview.


Chaiwat Nantiruj, President of Eka Global Group


Nantiruj said that the outbreak of the new crown epidemic is changing the way people consume. "People used to go out to order and eat freshly made salads, but now people give priority to food safety and hygiene. With high barrier and storage-resistant packaging, the ready-to-eat food in the package is as fresh and delicious as freshly cooked. Bacteria are eliminated, reducing the chance of infection. After this outbreak, people's acceptance of storage-resistant packaging will gradually increase."


Tongfu bowl porridge is packed in Eka high-barrier plastic bowl, which can be eaten by microwave heating, which is healthy and convenient.


In addition, ready-to-eat pet food has also grown significantly. During the isolation period at home, many pet owners were unable to cook food for their cats and dogs, so the demand for ready-to-eat food for pets also skyrocketed. "An American customer said that when consumers buy pet food, they are basically buying dozens of them. To meet market demand, they are constantly introducing new packaging." Nantiruj added.


Inaba's cat food cup is made of Eka's creative plastic packaging, which has a longer shelf life and still maintains the nutrition, taste and color of the food.


Although the doubling of ready-to-eat food packaging in the first quarter was affected by the sudden outbreak, Nantiruj is also very optimistic about the long-term market. He believes that even after the epidemic has ended, the market demand for ready-to-eat food will not weaken. "It is safe and convenient, and still has growth potential. Extending the shelf life of shelves will be one of the development trends of ready-to-eat packaging in the future."


Eka hopes that future storage-resistant packaging will extend the shelf life of food shelves to 2 years or even 3 years, so that food manufacturers can easily transport their products around the world, and will not affect the shelf sales of products because of the shipping time.



Invest 2 million US dollars to promote packaging recycling economy


For plastic packaging, while enjoying the market development dividend, it must also closely follow the "plastic restriction order" and "plastic prohibition order" issued around the world, adjust the packaging materials, reduce the use of non-degradable materials, and improve the degradability The application of materials and recycled plastics promotes a circular economy.


According to reports, the packaging materials currently used by Eka are mainly polypropylene, and the amount of polypropylene exceeds 90%, which can be recycled and recycled. "We are also developing bio-based plastics, and plan to use bio-based plastics in Eka packaging in the future to reach 50% or more, making the packaging more environmentally friendly," Natiruj said.


At the same time, Eka Global plans to invest US$2 million to upgrade its R&D center in Thailand, which will be equipped with more production and testing equipment related to plastic packaging to facilitate the research and development and testing of packaging materials, especially bio-based plastics.


Eka Thailand Factory


In addition to research and development of bio-based plastics, the recycling of plastic packaging is also an important measure for plastic packaging to achieve circular economic development.


Eka Global instantly recycles excess scraps or spouts on the packaging production line to reduce the waste of industrial waste. Eka Global also cooperates with recycling plants in India and Australia to promote the recycling of industrial waste. At the same time, it is also considering cooperating with the local government of Thailand to establish a recycling plant, which can process recyclable plastics such as polypropylene and then refine it into oil for industrial and fishery shipping. "Natiruj added.



"Creating the second generation" from the cassava flour family business


Nantiruj is the second generation natural heir of Thailand's leading cassava flour family business. After graduating from university, he worked in the private banking department of a Thai bank. A year later, he resigned to join the family business and was responsible for managing the cassava flour machine production line.


Nantiruj was not satisfied with her father’s inheritance, and decided to make a new world. After leaving the family business, he set up a joint venture with an Australian investor called "Thailand Ausso Mould Co., Ltd." to produce plastic products.


In 2003, Nantiruj independently established Eka Pak, focusing on the production of storage-resistant packaging. Nantiruj believes that the key to focusing on this industry and staying competitive is "fast". "Decisions must be made quickly to seize market opportunities. "



Acquisition of Printpack Asia to enhance global brand synergy


In order to expand the international layout and realize the synergy of resources, Eka Pak acquired Printpack Asia, the world's leading packaging manufacturer, at the end of 2019, and integrated the group name into Eka Global. The Chinese name continues to be "Pupai". The acquisition enhances Eka Global’s global brand image, expands its manufacturing plant network to China and India, and raises the group’s annual production capacity to 2.5 billion.


Committed to meeting consumers' needs for a "healthy lifestyle", Eka Global currently provides its storage-resistant packaging in 42 countries on six continents. The company produces a variety of environmentally friendly and innovative ready-to-eat food packaging, fruit containers, pet food containers, babies Food packaging and beverage container packaging, including Nestle, Blue Buffalo, Dole, Del Monte, Inaba and Thai Union.


Worldwide, Eka Global has three production centers located in Thailand, Suzhou and Wuhu, China. This year Eka has introduced a multi-layer barrier sheet extruder that is said to have the "largest production capacity in the world (2500kg per hour)" at its Thailand plant.


Eka Suzhou Factory


During the epidemic, Eka, in addition to its Suzhou plant in China, responded to local government requirements and shut down for one month, its Thai plant has maintained full production, and has adopted strict measures such as temperature measurement, anti-aggregation dinners, and wearing masks. Zero infections in the factory.

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