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Global BOPA overcapacity dumer closes a production line in Luna, Germany
Time: 2020-6-17 15:38:01 Source:绿凯思科GETRECYCLING Author:GET营销中心 Hits:91

Domo chemicals, the world's leading producer of engineering plastics, has announced plans to close its third BOPA production line in Leuna, Germany, which will officially shut down in August 2020. The affected employees have been informed that the plan will not affect other operations of the Leuna plant, Mr. domer said. According to the company, the difficult decision was made in response to the global overcapacity of nylon film.



Attilio Annoni, Managing Director of Film Solutions at Daumer Chemicals, said: "In the special case of volatile business, we chose to continue to focus on quality and flexibility through prudent and wise asset management rather than responding to short-term trading volume strategies."


After the acquisition of Solvay's European PA66 business earlier this year, Daumer has become the world's leading integrated manufacturer of nylon 6 and 66. Although the current sluggish market situation affected the automotive and other industrial sectors served by Daumer's "Polymers and Intermediates" and "Engineering Materials" divisions, the company is still on track to achieve its global growth goals. Among them are the continuous development of sustainable solutions for customers according to the highest standards of corporate, social and environmental responsibility.


Daumer's nylon film business remains a key asset. It constitutes an organic part of the supply chain related to market segments such as pharmaceuticals, medical and food packaging, and it turns out that all of these supply chain links play a vital role during the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.


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