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New breakthrough! The first recycling technology turns empty cosmetic bottles into park benches!
Time: 2020-6-17 15:42:19 Source:绿凯思科GETRECYCLING Author:GET营销中心 Hits:87

Amorepacific, a Korean cosmetics group company, recently announced that it will cooperate with international environmental startup "TerraCycle" and professional environmental design startup "Radio-b" to use recycled cosmetic empty bottles to make "upgraded remanufactured benches" and install them in public In the park.



More than 1400 empty cosmetic bottles create growth chairs


In order to make this bench, Amorepacific took the lead in developing "Terrazzo" material in the industry. The material is made by mixing crushed cosmetic bottles into ultra-high-strength concrete (UHPC). A total of more than 1,400 cosmetic bottles are used, which reflects the creative reuse of resources and emphasizes environmental protection. importance.



At the same time, the event also incorporated special ideas during the epidemic period to help practice keeping a distance in life and prevent the new coronavirus. By placing a flower pot in the middle of the bench, a 1 meter interval is marked at the sitting position to guide people to naturally maintain a distance when sitting down.


Li Xifu, President of Amorepacific’s public relations department, said: “Through this upgrade and reconstruction bench donation activity, we have expanded the life cycle of our products in a new way, and spread positive information to jointly respond to major social issues through public facilities. Of great significance."


Terrazzo technology, the cosmetic empty bottle recycling technology used in this event, will be expanded and applied to stores operated by Amorepacific, as well as recycling and upgrading social contribution activities "GREENCYCLE".

Switch to single material, colorless PET material


Amorepacific plans to reduce plastic use by approximately 700 tons by 2022. To this end, Amorepacific has implemented measures such as the simplification of plastic packaging materials and conversion to colorless PET materials, and has continuously increased the proportion of recyclable packaging designs.


At the same time, an empty bottle recycling agreement was signed with TerraCycle in June 2019, aiming to recycle 100 tons of plastic cosmetic empty bottles every year and reuse them 100%.


In the future, Amorepacific will not only expand the application of recycled plastics (PRC: Post-Consumer Recycled), but will also continue to make unremitting efforts to protect the environment and carry out measures such as research and development of environmentally friendly packaging materials to reduce the amount of plastic waste.


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