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Adidas pushes the commemorative version of environmentally friendly footwear to continue the
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In June this year, in order to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the cooperation between Adidas and Parley, Adidas will launch a commemorative version of adidas X Parley cooperation shoes, in order to commemorate the contributions of both parties to protect the planet in the past five years.

Adidas will push Parley's fifth anniversary limited edition product

Adidas' first pair of shoes in collaboration with Parley - UltraBOOST Parley OG came out in 2015 and laid the foundation for the trend of environmentally friendly wear. In the design process of this shoe, TFP custom fiber technology is used to make a woven fabric that fits the foot, which ensures the comfort of the upper and also supports the upper.

UltraBOOST Parley OG.

The upcoming UltraBOOST Parley DNA shoes are built with environmental protection as a whole. Two black and white color schemes have been launched. The black and white color schemes have green wavy lines on the layered shoe surface. The shape of the waves echoes the shoes for marine environmental protection. Of great significance, the adidas iconic three-striped LOGO is embroidered on the tongue, with a white BOOST midsole and black outsole, creating a refreshing and versatile environmental trend.

UltraBOOST Parley OG.

This time the UltraBOOST Parley DNA shoes are limited to 800 pairs nationwide and will be available in stores nationwide on June 29, 2020. It is only available to members.

UltraBOOST Parley DNA.

At the same time, adidas also has five pairs of first-year Parley OG running shoes that have never been released. From June 24th, they will be drawn in the Adidas official APP to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the partnership with Parley.

adidas has also launched UltraBOOST 20, 4D RUN 1.0 PRIMEBLUE series running shoes, which are also built with environmental protection concepts, and other related products that embody the concept of sustainable development. These products adhering to the Adidas environmental protection concept have been put on the shelves successively since June 1, 2020.

"Three-ring strategy": recycling, recycling, ecology

Adidas has launched a "three-ring strategy" for product technology in the field of ecological innovation, hoping to end the environmental pollution caused by plastics in the production of sports goods in the future:

Recycling ring: exploring the use of recyclable materials for product manufacturing

PARLEY Adidas and Parley joint product, made of Parley Ocean Plastic (Parley Ocean Plastic), to reduce the damage caused by plastic to the marine environment.

PRIMEBLUE (SS20) - Adidas brand products made by Parley Marine Plastics, which will become an important pillar of Adidas' sustainable development strategy and have far-reaching influence.


Explore innovative business models and recycle used products to expand and extend their life cycle.

Ecological ring: exploring the use of renewable and green energy to create products

This is currently an exploratory attempt. Adidas is working with partners to find materials that can meet high-performance requirements without adversely affecting the natural environment.

Adidas Recyclable Fabric Technology.

Adidas said it will use more recyclable polyester fibers to produce products in the future, and expects to use recyclable polyester fibers in all types of products and all production operations from 2024.

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