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GUCCI launches the first sustainable series of recycled plastics
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The world's top fashion brand GUCCI has released the new Gucci Off The Grid series. This is the first "Gucci Circular Lines" (Gucci Circular Lines) by GUCCI creative director Alessandro Michele, emphasizing the concept of sustainable production.


The main material is recycled nylon recovered from marine plastic waste


Adhering to the design concept of environmental protection, Gucci Off The Grid series makes full use of various recycled materials, recyclable and sustainable procurement of organic bio-based materials.



Specifically, the main fabric used in the series is ECONYL recycled nylon, in addition to metal-free tanned leather, recycled polyester yarn and lining, recycled brass, recycled gold and palladium plating accessories, and solvent-free adhesives Waiting for a series of more sustainable materials.


Gucci Off The Grid series: Ocean waste plastic has transformed into the world's top noble wave products.


ECONYL recycled nylon fabric is made from recycled plastics before/after use, collecting waste plastics in the ocean that may harm marine life, fishing nets, and waste from textile fiber landfills. Gucci is the first boutique brand to use ECONYL recycled nylon yarn in 2016.


But these materials do not seem to affect the design style of the final product-this series focuses on neutral style, "light travel" concept, in addition to shoes, ready-to-wear and accessories, travel bags are also many.


Big brands pay attention to marine waste plastic resources


In recent years, marine waste plastics have been increasingly favored by world-renowned big brands. For example, adidas and Parley for the Ocean make full use of marine waste plastic resources and cooperate in the production of marine plastic running shoes.


Volvo Polestar has launched a concept car called Precept, whose interior is mainly made of recyclable materials.


This year, Volvo Polestar launched a concept car called Precept, whose interior is mainly made of recyclable materials: passengers sit on 3D woven plastic bottles instead of leather or fabric, and the carpet is made of recycled fishing nets. The headrest is made from recycled cork vinyl.

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