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Coca Cola promotes refilled plastic bottles in South Africa
Time: 2020-7-18 15:43:56 Source:绿凯思科GETRECYCLING Author:GET营销中心 Hits:81

South Africa's Coca Cola beverage company (ccbsa) announced that it will launch a "bottle for money" program in many regions of South Africa. Consumers can exchange empty plastic bottles to designated places for cash, and the collected empty bottles will be used for refilling. This is a decision that follows Coke's successful pilot project in Eastern Cape last year.


Coca Cola's "bottle for money" program will be promoted in northern Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. Coca Cola said it would extend the plan to more provinces in the next five years.



Each returnable plastic bottle has the word "returnable" printed on the front of the label, meaning consumers can collect the bottles for cash. Each plastic bottle can be exchanged for 9 rand (RMB 3.8) in cash, that is, a bottle of coke with a price of 20 rand (8.4 yuan) can be exchanged. After returning the empty bottle, the consumer only needs to pay 11 rand (4.6 yuan).


After Coca Cola collects the empty bottle, it will clean and refill the empty bottle according to strict standards, so that the plastic bottle will enter the next life cycle. When the end of the life cycle of plastic bottles, they will enter the recycling value chain, and be rebuilt into new PET bottles.


"Consumers have responded positively to the cash exchange program for 2-litre returnable PET bottles. In the pilot project in Eastern Cape, we have seen that customers are willing to switch to recyclable Coke bottles and actively return them when they are used up. " Said velaphi ratshefola, Coca Cola's marketing director in South Africa.


"We are committed to increasing recycled materials in packaging and ensuring that more packaging is collected and recycled. The introduction of returnable PET plastic bottles is another way for us to support South Africa's circular economy. "

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