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Google this operation God! 50000 square kilometers network signal depends on these plastic balloons!
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A plastic balloon can cover 5000 square kilometers of network signals, and provide network services to about 1000 users on the ground. Google space Internet balloon once again verifies the superiority of plastic as a material.


Recently, the loon division of alphabet, the parent company of Google, announced the first commercial operation of its space Internet balloon project project loon in Kenya, Africa. Google's Internet balloon project, known as the "Crazy" project, was launched by Google in 2013 to build a wireless network in space with balloons to provide Internet connectivity to the world.



What polymer materials are used in the loon balloon system?


Google balloon Loon is a super pressure balloon, which is composed of sphere, parachute, solar panel, pod and air pump. Among them, many parts are made of polymer materials.


Sphere: made of polyethylene


Among them, the sphere is made of 0.076 mm ultra-thin polyethylene film. This material is not only thin, but also tough, which is very suitable for making overpressure balloons. It can ensure the strength of the structure will not burst under high pressure at high altitude. According to Google, the loon balloon can fly in the air for more than 100 days.



Solar panels: thin film monocrystalline silicon


A horizontal solar panel is installed under the air pump and valve of the loon balloon. It is made of lightweight thin-film monocrystalline silicon, which is used to maintain the power supply of the equipment on the balloon and charge the lithium-ion battery in the pod for night flight.



Pod equipment: PTFE foam and PI


The main energy storage equipment in the loon balloon pod is lithium-ion battery, which will affect its efficiency at low temperature. The outside of the pod is covered with a polytetrafluoroethylene foam for thermal insulation, and the outer surface of the lithium ion battery is specially coated with a polyimide material to prevent the battery from radiating heat.


The space balloon team provides 4G services to the ground


Google uses a special lifting machine to push the balloon into the atmosphere about 20 kilometers above earth. Artificial intelligence software is installed in the computer inside the balloon, which can control the floating motion of the balloon by using wind power.



Several Loon balloon groups are constantly moving in the stratosphere, providing 4G LTE services for 50000 square kilometers of central and western Kenya, thus providing high-speed and stable network connection for areas difficult to be covered by ordinary wired and wireless technologies.


It is reported that before the official commercial operation, Loon had conducted several months of testing in Kenya, and successfully provided Internet connection to more than 35000 users. Officials said that the Internet connection provided by Loon had an average download speed of 18.9 Mbps and an upload speed of 4.74 Mbps in June, with a delay of only 19 Ms. no matter e-mail sending and receiving, voice and video calling, web browsing and YouTube video watching services can be fully used.


It will drive the application of e-commerce and remote technology


According to reports, the commercial operation of Loon balloons will bring new business opportunities to Kenya, especially in rural areas. This is because Internet balloons have broken the physical limit of network connection. For example, in some remote mountainous areas, it is difficult to install network devices.


Internet balloons can also enable more Kenyans to use the Internet, modern communication tools and services. They can help Kenyans develop more innovative businesses in e-commerce, education and government affairs.



At the same time, increase Internet use in key rural areas, such as health, education and agriculture. For example, Internet balloons can allow more children in rural areas to choose online learning. New telemedicine technologies have been launched, and balloons are expected to facilitate remote diagnosis, care and monitoring.


In addition, the Internet balloon will speed up the local digital process, promote the development of digital applications, and improve the level of public services through the upgraded Internet.


Source: inverse.com , Loon and theprint.in

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