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Australia's three giants build waste plastic treatment plants to resolve the waste crisis of China's ban on foreign trade
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China's strict restrictions on the import of foreign garbage have had a major impact on the garbage recovery and treatment industry in western countries, including Australia. The three giant enterprises have jointly invested 45 million yuan to build the country's largest pet plastic recycling and treatment plant, so as to promote the development of waste recycling and treatment industry and solve the waste disposal crisis.


Asahi beverages group, the parent company of cub, Australia's largest beer company, and pact group, a plastic packaging giant in Australia, and Cleanaway waste management, a waste disposal giant, decided to build the pet plastic recycling plant in Albury, a town on the border between New York and Victoria.


The plant will recycle about 1 billion PET plastic bottles a year and increase the production of PET plastic recovered and produced locally in Australia by two thirds to more than 50000 tons per year.


The plant will reduce the dependence on plastics in bottled production, reduce the amount of plastic waste sent overseas, and reduce the import of renewable plastics.


PET plastic bottles are not only widely used in the packaging of carbonated drinks, drinking water, fruit juice, enzymes and tea drinks, but also widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical packaging and many other fields.


However, it is also one of the most polluted plastic wastes in the world. Fully recycling and producing recycled plastics will reduce its pollution to soil, water course and nature.


Nearly three years ago, China announced a ban on the import of foreign waste such as plastic and paper, which brought about a major crisis to Australia's waste disposal industry.


Robert iervasi, President of Asahi beverage group in Australia, said consumers increasingly want to know the source of plastic used to make beverage bottles and how they will be disposed of after drinking.


Sanjay Dayal, President of pact group, said the three giants worked together from collecting waste to recycling, producing and using plastic bottles, all the way to supermarkets It covers the whole value chain.


"Over the past few years, of course, we've seen a huge shift in consumers' adoption of the concept of sustainability as part of their decision-making about what products they want to consume," he said


"As a result, with more recycled PET plastics, we are able to participate in and promote the Australian economy and use it in our manufacturing business, which really enables us to meet the needs of consumers."


Vik Bansal, President of Cleanaway, said it was strategic to locate the recycling plant on the border between the two most populous states.


He hoped that in three years' time, he would sit down with alvasi and Dyar to discuss doubling the plant's capacity.


The plant, based in aberlee, will be operational in December next year.


The 45 million yuan waste recycling plant project will receive 5 million yuan from the environmental trust of the new state government under its "less waste, more recycling" policy.

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