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ALPLA and KHS launch new recyclable PET bottles
Time: 2020-8-6 13:52:56 Source:绿凯思科GETRECYCLING Author:GET营销中心 Hits:66

Although there is still a decade to go before 2030, ALPLA and KHS have developed a new bottle that meets the 30% recovery requirement for unidirectional PET bottles that was finalized at the start-up of that year.



The new 1.0 litre recyclable PET bottle comes from KHS and ALPLA, with a recovery rate of up to 35% and is fully recyclable. Its resource-saving design is the next step for KHS to develop sustainable and future oriented plant engineering.


KHS group produces packaging and filling systems for the beverage and liquid food industry and is considered the technical leader in recyclable container systems.


Compared with the traditional recyclable PET containers on the market, the new bottle design is very light, which is achieved by optimizing the bottle bottom and bottle neck. The bottle weighs 55 grams, 10 grams lighter than the standard equivalent, and weighs one tenth of the weight of a similar glass container.


"This optimization means that the amount of materials used is much lower. At the same time, fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions will also decrease during transportation, "said Arne Wiese, bottle product manager of KHS group.


PET bottles have good corrosion resistance, which means that even after multiple cleaning cycles, their quality and appearance can remain unchanged, so they are suitable for high cycle rate applications.


KHS is already testing products that contain a higher percentage of recycled materials.


"We have achieved excellent test results with preforms made of up to 35% recycled material; for some brands, 50% recycled material is also feasible," Wiese said


The optimized preforms can be blown on all KHS stretch blow molding machines for recyclable containers, including innopet blomax series v. the system is suitable for all types of beverages in the field of recyclable containers.


"We believe that we can put our environmentally friendly pet bottles on the market quickly and successfully. Our goal is to work closely with bottling companies to implement the launch. " Wiese said.

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