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Summary: material selection of 15 types of plastic packaging
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01 Cooking bag


Packaging requirements: for meat, poultry and other packaging, good barrier property, resistance to bone holes, sterilization under cooking conditions, no cracking, no shrinkage, no odor.


Design structure:

Transparent: BOPA / CPP, PET / CPP, PET / BOPA / CPP, BOPA / PVDC / cpppet / PVDC / CPP, gl-pet / BOPA / CPP

Aluminum foil: PET / Al / CPP, PA / Al / CPP, PET / PA / Al / CPP, PET / Al / PA / CPP


Design reason:


Pet: high temperature resistance, good rigidity, good printability and high strength.

PA, high temperature resistance.

Al: best barrier, high temperature resistance.

CPP: high temperature resistant cooking grade, good heat sealing, non-toxic and tasteless.

PVDC: high temperature resistant barrier material.

Gl-pet: ceramic evaporation coating, good barrier, microwave transmission.

For specific products, transparent bags are mostly used for cooking, while Al foil bags can be used for ultra-high temperature cooking.


02 Puffed snack food


Packaging requirements: oxygen, water, light proof, oil resistant, fragrant, clean appearance, bright color, low cost.


Design structure: BOPP / VMCPP

Design reason: both BOPP and VMCPP are scraping, BOPP has good printability and high gloss. VMCPP has good barrier property and can keep fragrance and humidity. CPP also has good oil resistance.



03 Sauce packing bag


Packaging requirements: odorless and tasteless, low temperature sealing, anti sealing pollution, good barrier, moderate price.


Design structure: kPa / s-pe


Design reason: kPa has excellent barrier property, good strength and toughness, high fastness to composite with PE, not easy to break package, good printability. Modified PE is a variety of PE Blends (coextrusion), with low heat sealing temperature and strong anti sealing pollution.


04 Cookies Packing


Packaging requirements: good barrier, strong shading, oil resistance, high strength, odorless and tasteless, packaging very scraping.


Design structure: BOPP / expe / VMPET / expe / s-cpp


Design reason: BOPP has good rigidity, good printability and low cost. VMPET has good barrier, light and oxygen resistance, water resistance. S-cpp has good low temperature heat sealing property and oil resistance.


05 Milk powder packaging


Packaging requirements: long shelf life, aroma and flavor, anti oxidation deterioration, anti moisture caking.


Design structure: BOPP / VMPET / s-pe


Design reason: BOPP has good printability, good gloss, good strength and moderate price. VMPET has good barrier property, light proof, good toughness and metallic luster. It is better to use Reinforced PET aluminum plating, and the Al layer is thick. S-pe has good anti pollution sealing property and low temperature heat sealing property.


06 Green tea packaging


Packaging requirements: anti deterioration, anti discoloration, anti flavor, that is to prevent green tea protein, chlorophyll, catechuic acid, vitamin C oxidation.


Design structure: BOPP / Al / PE, BOPP / VMPET / PE, kpet / PE


Design reason: Al foil, VMPET and kpet are all excellent barrier materials, which have good barrier to oxygen, steam and odor. AK foil and VMPET also have excellent light shielding property. The price is moderate.


07 Edible oil


Packaging requirements: anti oxidative deterioration, good mechanical strength, high burst strength, high tear strength, oil resistance, high gloss, transparency


Design structure: PET / AD / PA / AD / PE, PET / PE, PE / EVA / PVDC / EVA / PE, PE / Pepe


Design reason: PA, pet and PVDC have good oil resistance and high barrier property. The strength of PA, pet and PE is high. The inner PE is special PE, which has good sealing pollution resistance and high airtightness.


08 Milk film


Packaging requirements: good barrier (material: EVOH, PVDC, aluminum foil, etc.), high burst strength, light proof, good heat sealing property, moderate price.


Design structure: white PE / white PE / black PE


Design reason: the outer layer of PE has good luster and high mechanical strength. The middle layer PE is the strength bearer, and the inner layer is the heat sealing layer, which is light proof, barrier and heat sealing.


09 Ground coffee packaging


Packaging requirements: anti water absorption, anti oxidation, resistant to vacuum after the product block, keep the coffee volatile, easy to oxidize flavor.


Design structure: PET / PE / Al / PE, PA / VMPET / PE


Design reason: Al, PA and VMPET have good barrier property, water and gas resistance, and PE has good heat sealing property.


10 Chocolates


Packaging requirements: good barrier, light proof, beautiful printing, low temperature heat sealing.


Design structure: pure chocolate varnish / ink / white BOPP / PVDC / cold sealing adhesive, nut chocolate varnish / ink / VMPET / AD / BOPP / PVDC / cold sealing adhesive


Design reason: PVDC and VMPET are both high barrier materials. The cold sealing glue can be sealed at very low temperature. The heat does not affect the chocolate. Because there is more oil in the nut, it is easy to oxidize and deteriorate. Therefore, an oxygen barrier layer is added in the structure.


11 Beverage bag


Packaging requirements: pH value of acid beverage < 4.5, pasteurization, general barrier. The pH value of the neutral beverage is more than 4.5, and the sterilization and barrier property are high.


Design structure:


Acid drinks: PET / PE (CPP), BOPA / PE (CPP), PET / VMPET / PE


Neutral drinks: PET / Al / CPP, PET / Al / PA / CPP, PET / Al / PET / CPP, PA / Al / CPP


Design reason: for acid drinks, pet and PA can provide good barrier and pasteurization resistance, and the shelf life is prolonged due to the acidity.


For neutral drinks, Al provides the best barrier, high strength of pet and PA, high temperature resistance and sterilization.


12 Three dimensional liquid bag cleaner


Packaging requirements: high strength, impact resistance, burst resistance, good barrier, good rigidity, standing, stress cracking resistance, good sealing.


Design structure:


① Three dimensional: BOPA / LLDPE; bottom: BOPA / LLDPE.


② Three dimensional: BOPA / reinforced BOPP / LLDPE; bottom: BOPA / LLDPE.


③ Stereoscopic: PET / BOPA / reinforced BOPP / LLDPE; bottom: BOPA / LLDPE.


Design reason: the structure has good barrier property, large material rigidity, suitable for three-dimensional packaging bag, good flexibility at the bottom, and suitable for processing. The inner layer is modified PE with good sealing resistance. Strengthening BOPP increases the mechanical strength and barrier property of the material. Pet improves the water resistance and mechanical strength of the material.


13 Aseptic packaging cover material


Packaging requirements: in packaging and use are sterile state.


Design structure: coating / Al / peeling layer / MDPE / LDPE / EVA / peeling layer / PET.


Design reason: pet is a sterile protective film, which can be peeled off. When entering the aseptic packaging area, the pet is uncovered to expose the sterile surface. The delamination layer of Al foil is uncovered when the customer drinks it. The drinking hole is punched on the PE layer in advance, and the drinking hole is exposed when the Al foil is opened. Al foil is used for high barrier. MDPE has good rigidity and good thermal viscosity with Al foil. LDPE is cheap. The VA content of EVA in inner layer is 7%. If VA > 14%, it is not allowed to contact food directly. EVA low temperature heat sealing has good sealing pollution resistance.


14 Pesticide packaging


Packaging requirements: due to the severe toxicity of pesticides, it is required to have high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, drop resistance and good sealing performance.


Design structure: BOPA / VMPET / s-cpp


Design reason: BOPA has good flexibility, puncture resistance, high strength and good printability. VMPET has high strength and good barrier property. It can be used as thickening coating material. S-cpp provides thermal sealing, barrier and corrosion resistance, and adopts terpolymer PP. Or use multi-layer co extrusion CPP with high barrier EVOH and PA layers.


15 Heavy bag


Packaging requirements: heavy packaging is used for agricultural products such as rice, beans, chemical products (such as fertilizer) packaging, the main requirements are strong toughness, necessary barrier.


Design structure: PE / plastic fabric / PP, PE / paper / PE / plastic fabric / PE, PE / PE


Design reason: PE provides good sealing, flexibility, drop resistance and high strength of plastic fabric

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