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Two Waste Plastics Factories In Malaysia Have Been Closed Down
Time: 2020-8-31 16:14:59 Source:绿凯思科GETRECYCLING Author:GET营销中心 Hits:1

Two illegal waste plastic and electronic waste treatment plants in Jiapu Industrial Zone, Basang City, Malaysia, have been closed down by the Municipal Council recently. However, the manufacturers have not seen the closure order recently, and have the courage to operate in private. They have openly challenged the City Council of Pakistan, and their actions are rampant!


Despite the rampant business practices, the City Council still calls on local residents to report at any time if they have clues or intelligence. The city council has vowed to deal with illegal operators to avoid environmental pollution.

When the law enforcement team of basheng City Council went to the factory to launch a crackdown operation, the operators and employees in the factory saw the arrival of law enforcement officers and fled quickly.


At a press conference held this morning, Mr. Huang Zhirong, a councilor of basheng City, pointed out that foreign waste and electronic waste waste disposal plants are illegal, and the city council will never allow any person or unit to operate in private. In dealing with such illegal factories, the city council has never let up.


He said that the City Council law enforcement team had issued a ticket and circular in advance, asking the operators to stop operation and prohibit the illegal waste disposal activities. However, the operators were stubborn and continued to operate secretly. As a result, the city council had to close down factories.


"It's a pity that the city council has already closed down two illegal factories in the industrial zone. After that, the operators also privately tore up the cordon of closure and operated secretly to challenge the bottom line of the City Council. Forced by no choice, the city council immediately asked Guoneng and xuezhou water management company to cut off water and electricity, so as to prevent illegal industries from "sprouting" in basheng


In addition, Huang Zhirong also reminded landlords or factory owners not to lease their factories to illegal waste factory operators, otherwise the landlords or factory owners will also be implicated and dealt with when the relevant units launch a ban.


He said that the waste plants are generally located in the hiding places of the Jiapu industrial zone; foreign garbage and electronic waste are usually transported from abroad, which is hard for outsiders to detect. If the City Council receives a report from the public, it will send a law enforcement team to crack down on it without compromising.

Malaysia, on the one hand, is vigorously regulating the import of waste plastics, on the other hand, it is strictly supervising domestic factories, banning illegal foreign waste plants, and strictly investigating legal plastic factories, and has made unprecedented efforts to rectify plastic waste.

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