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The United States Launched The First National Convention On Plastics, Which Listed Five Major Goals And Was Supported By The Industry
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According to the official website of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the U.S. plastics pact, the first plastic convention in the United States, was officially launched on the 25th. The Convention is led by the recycling partnership and supported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).




Committed to five goals


Making sure plastics are no longer a source of waste in the world's largest economy requires unprecedented innovation and collaboration, the report said. The Convention has won the unanimous support of more than 60 signing parties including Coca Cola, Unilever and AMCO. They are working together to realize the plastic recycling economy, including enterprises, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities, trading institutions and investors. As the first plastics convention in North America, members are committed to the following goals:




Make a list of plastic packages that will be designated as problematic or unnecessary by 2021, and take measures to eliminate them by 2025.


Ensure that all plastic packaging will be 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.


Take action to effectively recycle or compost 50% of plastic packaging by 2025.


Ensure that by 2025, the average proportion of recyclable or responsible bio based ingredients in plastic packaging will reach 30%.


Public reports are published annually on the progress of these goals.


Coca Cola, Unilever, AMCO and Wal Mart became members of the Advisory Committee


Measurable change and transparent reporting results for each target area will be key outcomes of the American plastics convention. The progress of the American Convention on plastics will be tracked through WWF's resource: Plastic footprint tracker tracking tool, which provides a standard way to track companies' plastic footprints and publicly report their plastic waste commitments annually.


To maintain continued and effective cooperation, the plastic convention of the United States will set up an advisory committee of ten organizations, companies and governments to provide guidance. Members of the Advisory Committee include: Coca Cola, Unilever, AMCO, Wal Mart, Mars, target, balcone Resources Inc., Austin resource recovery, Eureka recycling, grove collaborative and incorporated.


The next step for the US plastics convention will be to develop a roadmap listing the steps to achieve these goals.


Helping the plastic industry in the United States and even the world to develop continuously


The United States plastics convention has further expanded the global plastics pact organization of the Allen MacArthur Foundation. The United States Convention on plastics, together with the plastics conventions of other countries (the United Kingdom, France, Chile, the Netherlands, South Africa and Portugal) and the plastics conventions of the European region, is incorporated into the global plastics convention network led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.


This unique plastic convention platform will drive ambitious action towards a shared vision of a recycling economy for plastics, sharing experiences and best practices among countries and regions to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.


Sander defruyt, head of the new plastics economics at the Allen MacArthur Foundation, made the following comments.


This is an exciting step towards a recycling economy for plastics in the United States, which enables the plastics industry to continue to develop while avoiding environmental pollution. This effort will not only help build solutions in the United States, but also help build solutions globally as part of our global network of plastics conventions. We look forward to working with all relevant parties to promote real change, eliminating problematic and unnecessary plastic products, and through innovation to ensure that all plastic packaging can be reused, recycled or composted, and recycled. We encourage more people to join us in the United States, where there is no waste plastic pollution.


Sarah Dearman, vice president of circular investment at the recycling partnership, said:


Through the plastic convention of the United States, we will jointly promote institutional reform and accelerate the pace of circular economy. As the leading organization to promote the whole supply chain and promote the recycling economy in the United States, recycling partnership is bound to establish further cooperation with other industry leaders to promote sustainable development reform and improve the earth's environment. Plastic convention's efforts to promote packaging upgrades, improve recycling and reduce plastic waste will benefit the entire industry system and all materials.


Erin Simon, head of WWF's plastic waste business, added:


Plastic pollution is a global crisis, which needs corresponding solutions all over the world. The United States, one of the most influential countries, will bring revolutionary changes in the global scope by launching the plastic convention. To this end, WWF sees the US plastics Convention as the key to bringing together key stakeholders, including industry leaders, waste management systems and policy makers, to achieve a meaningful and measurable impact within a shared vision and action plan.

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