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25% PCR Stretch Film, PP Bag With 60% Plastic Reduction, Washable Label, And Sustainable Innovative Works Selected By German Packaging Award!
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Under the framework of global plastic circular economy, packaging sustainable innovation has become the direction of joint efforts of the industry. In the German Packaging Award 2020 announced earlier, innovative packaging for sustainable development is one of the focuses. Now let's take a look at the sustainable packaging innovation awarded by the German Packaging Award?


01 No adhesive, no mimeograph PE film easy to recycle


The green haven vegetarian sausage package launched by Wipak has the advantages of recyclability, high protection and high production efficiency. The new vacuum packaging consists of two layers of non adhesive, unprinted PE film, forming a single material. Packaging integrates digimarc barcode, which can be scanned quickly with any intelligent device, which enables consumers to obtain product composition and nutrition data and improve packaging transparency. Packaging can also enter the recycling center after the end of its service life.

Green haven packaging also has FSC certified paper tape that can be easily separated from the plastic body. Since the plastic composition is not mimeographed, the recycled material can also ensure a high level of material quality. As a result, 90% of the PE based single material is easy to use and recycle, reducing the total carbon footprint of packaging films by up to 30%, the company said.

02 Contains 25% PCR! New benchmark in the field of stretch film


Duo east 4 tensile film submitted by duo plast Ag incorporated at least 25% PCR into the stretch film formulation without compromising performance. The jury considered that it set a new benchmark for the use of recycled materials in the field of stretch film and met the requirements of the best load-bearing capacity. The film thickness is only 8 μ m, which is very economical and has excellent load-bearing capacity. The film edges are also easy to use and are protected by patented duo double edge technology.

03 high barrier, reduced plastic 60% can replace meat pallet packaging


S ü dpack's pure line system is a membrane solution developed to convert common pallet systems into recyclable PP bags, while reducing plastic use by 60%. The film can meet the high barrier requirement of fresh meat cake. Users no longer need a large number of pallets to use the film packaging, but transport the film rolls to the meat producers, and the packaged meat cakes are also lighter. In addition to saving packaging materials, it can also save other raw materials and reduce the carbon footprint.

04 ultra thin coating makes single material, compostable packaging replace multi-layer packaging


The ormocer coating developed by Fraunhofer ISC, as well as the bio based and biodegradable bioromocer coating, are powerful and very thin, with a thickness of only 1-3 μ M. The barrier performance of these coatings is no less than that of multilayer structure. Multifunctional ormocer or biormocer coatings can be used as recyclable polymer single materials for food or drug packaging, or biodegradable packaging materials.

Nowadays, bio based packaging often has good oxygen barrier, but low hydrogen barrier. However, biormocer coating has excellent waterproof, oxygen and odor barrier effects, which makes polymers, bio based or biodegradable polymers meet the barrier performance of food or drug packaging. With this high barrier coating, recyclable single material and compostable material can replace multi-layer packaging.

05 washable label made of 100% PCR material


Herma, in collaboration with poliflm and sch è fer etiketten, has developed washable tags made from 100% PCR material. The label is composed of PE membrane, and its polymer composition is 100% of post consumer recycled materials, and even the masterbatch is pcr-pe. The design of the white label film makes it very easy to use conventional printing processes such as flexographic printing, offset printing, digital printing and screen printing.

The adhesive used in the label, Herma 62rpw, is a rinse type adhesive that can be removed without residue at temperatures as low as 70 ° C and in a low concentration caustic recovery process. And the washing adhesive sold on the market can only be removed at about 80 ℃.

06 Label free, 100 recycled PET beverage bottle


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