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Big-brand smart thermostats, mice, and set-top boxes all love waste plastic
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Recycled plastics have new progress in the field of 3C and home appliances! Thermostats, mice, and set-top boxes all come in handy.


01 Google's new smart home products: recycled plastic content is not less than 70%


Google recently released the Pixel 5 smart phone and Nest series of new smart home products. Its Nest thermostat and smart speakers contain 75% and 70% recycled plastics, respectively.


Google Smart Thermostat


This shows that Google has made substantial progress in sustainable development. Last year, the technology giant promised to incorporate recycled plastic components into all hardware production lines by 2022, covering products such as smart speakers, tablet computers, mobile phone cases and charging docks.


Google has not yet disclosed the recycled plastic composition and proportion of the new Pixel 5 smartphone. The company said that this is the first mobile phone made from 100% recycled aluminum, and its carbon footprint is 35% lower than pure aluminum.


"Google's focus on using recyclable materials in hardware design not only supports our sustainability commitments, but also enables our supply chain partners to confidently invest and develop these types of materials so that the consumer electronics industry can also use them These materials." said David Bourne, a designer of Google's sustainability system.


02 Logitech's new mouse: recycled plastic verified by a third party


Computer parts manufacturer Logitech recently released a new mouse ERGO M575. According to reports, starting with this mouse, the PCR (post-consumer recycled material) content of each component produced by Logitech will be verified by an independent third-party organization, and information will be transparently shared on the company's website.


Logitech said that the proportion of recycled plastic for each product will vary according to the type, color and material of the product. At present, the proportion of PCR for plastic parts of Logitech products ranges from 80% to 20%.


In the past three years, Logitech has been committed to increasing the proportion of PCR plastics in its most popular product line. Since the PCR project started, by the end of next year, the company will deliver more than 50 million devices made of PCR plastic.


These products include Logitech's best-selling K120/K400 keyboards, C390 webcams, M100 and M190 mice, and UE SuperBoom.


Logitech promises that by the end of 2021, more than 50% of the mice and keyboards in Logitech's creative product portfolio will be made of PCR plastic, and it is expected to reduce 7,100 tons of new plastic materials and 11,000 tons of carbon emissions each year.


03 Liberty's new set-top box: contains 35% recycled plastic


Liberty Global also recently launched a TV set-top box containing 35% of recycled materials. According to reports, the set-top box is compact and provides full content access including live TV, replay and on-demand content and a series of built-in OTT applications.


Liberty Mini TV Set Top Box


It is also Liberty Global's first all-IP device, which means that it only needs to connect to Wi-Fi or Ethernet from a cable, optical fiber or mobile device. It can also be connected to power through the TVs USB port, which means it doesnt even need to be connected to a power outlet.


Compared with previous set-top boxes, this environmentally-friendly set-top box has reduced energy consumption by 77%, and its maximum power consumption is less than 5W even when watching 4K content.


This TV box is manufactured by CommScope (CommScope) and is currently sold in Poland.

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