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High weather resistance PMMA adds color to SAIC-GM’s new Buick models
Time: 2020-11-28 9:51:06 Source:绿凯思科GETRECYCLING Author:GET营销中心 Hits:242

Recently, SAIC-GM's new fashion model Buick Enkovy S Aivia was launched on the market. This high-end SUV combines sporty and luxurious qualities. Many parts are made of PMMA materials, which reflects its unique and high-end design aesthetics.

The new fashion model of SAIC General Motors, Buick Enkewei S Aivia, has many parts made of ROHM PLEXIG® PMMA.

Uniform light guide light curtain helps design freedom

According to reports, Buick Encore S Aivia adopts a sculptural aesthetic design on the side of the car, full of the beauty of the power of "muscle" lines, and its front body also reflects the same design language. The daytime running lights in the headlights are like two small wings spread out. The modern horizontal design allows the visual width of the front face to be extended.

This group of lamps adopts the light curtain technology that Buick has always equipped with, and uses PLEXIGLAS® LD side-emitting series as the light guide material, which can evenly transmit light without complicated light guide structures. When the lighting unit is not lit, the light curtain is transparent, and the unique shape is very eye-catching; once lit, the "small wings" can be bright and conspicuous even under strong light during the day, no matter whether it is moving or static, it is equally rich in texture.

The taillights of the Envision S Avia also use the light curtain design language, echoing the headlights, showing Avia's extraordinary aura in restrained. This taillight is outlined with a black frame, the transparent outer cover presents a crystal texture, and the metal high-gloss parts are lined with the PLEXIGLAS® LD specification, which is simple and rich. After the taillights are lit, the water steering function is displayed, which is beautiful and smart, deep and bright, and it leaves a deep impression on people while performing accurate signal output.

As an important guarantee for driving safety, car lights also have extremely high quality requirements for the materials used. PLEXIGLAS® LD series has the basic characteristics of ROHM PMMA product family, such as excellent weather resistance and high transmittance. It can transmit light uniformly without tedious optical simulation or design complex optical structure, which helps to shorten Light guide parts development cycle; at the same time, it can also present the clear and transparent texture of PMMA, which is more suitable for optical modeling of complex surfaces such as light curtains. Using PLEXIGLAS® LD material, designers can design the shape of the light curtain more freely and realize their unconstrained creativity.

"High weather resistance" makes the car as long as new

In addition to the front and rear lights, which are both dynamic and static, the Envision S also boldly adopted new specifications of PMMA material on the pillar cover, giving full play to the concept of "exquisite aesthetics". Different from the previous piano black appearance of the column design style, in order to achieve the integration with the privacy glass, Ivia ingeniously chose PLEXIGLAS® smoked color products to make the D-pillar cover. This D-pillar looks deep and transparent in color, and it is integrated with the rear window, which is visually more spacious, with Aivia's exclusive Merlot red, showing elegance and luxury.

In addition to the application on the column, the smoked PMMA can also be used on the taillights, bringing a new color to the car light design: PLEXIGLAS® Smoked Color series can evenly absorb visible light to ensure the original light of the LED You dont have to worry about the color shift of the signal light. At the same time, it retains the high weather resistance of PLEXIGLAS® PMMA, which does not change or fade during the entire life cycle of the vehicle, making the components look like new for a long time.

In addition, PLEXIGLAS® smoked color can also achieve completely different "magic" effects during day and night: during the day, smoked PMMA can hide the internal LED module to make the parts appear high-gloss black; at night, the hidden LED lights up Later, the PLEXIGLAS® smoky color series can reveal charming light colors to achieve the effect of interior and exterior lighting.

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