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Can be hot-filled at 85℃, Amcor releases new PET bottles PET polyester industry chain 5 days ago
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Recently, Amcor developed a PET bottle for a new beverage from Nutrea/Frudelca in Columbia, USA. This new type of beverage is a blend of natural fruit juice and protein.


Nutrea/Frudelca's new beverage PET bottle


Alejandor Gaviria, General Manager of Nutrea/Frudelca, said: We rely on Amcor as an important partner to provide innovative packaging solutions to meet the requirements of this new functional beverage.Nutrea/Frudelca is a juice supplier A joint venture between Frudelca and the food and beverage company Nutrea. Amcor is a pioneer in the development of PET heat setting technology, which enables the filling temperature of beverages to reach 185 degrees Fahrenheit (85 degrees Celsius) to ensure product quality and extend shelf life.


Rodrigo Lecot, vice president of sales and marketing for Amco in Latin America, said: "We are very pleased to provide this kind of hot-filled bottle that meets multiple performance requirements." Lecot believes that this lightweight, recyclable bottle not only retains Natural juice and protein ingredients, but also provide the transparent and clean appearance and strong shelf appeal that consumers want. Amcor provides Nutrea/Frudelca orange juice drinks in 300ml and 440ml bottles. Nutrea/Frudelca plans to launch other fruit-flavored beverages later.



In the field of hot filling, Amcor provides strong expertise, advanced preform technology, high-quality containers, and strong relationships with partner packers. PET has quickly become the world's preferred packaging material. It is lightweight, drop-proof, re-sealable, reusable, and unlimited recycling. In addition, according to Amcors Asset Life Cycle Analysis, PET bottles usually have the lowest carbon footprint, and their production process can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70% compared with other packaging materials. In addition, capped and sealed PET bottles can protect the beverage from pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.

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